Sell and Stay Manitoba



Steps to Staying in Your Home and Accessing Your Equity without using a Reverse Mortgage.


Step 1: Call Us And Make An Appointment

It’s easy… pick up the phone and call 204-881-3086. Make an appointment with us and we’ll visit your home, explain the program and answer questions that you or a family member might have. We will verify that your home qualifies as a Sell ‘n STAY® home.

Step 2: Get Matched To An Investor

After your home qualifies, you’ll be individually matched with an investor, then a meet and greet will be arranged to see if this arrangement is a perfect fit for both parties. We’ll always be there to ensure stress-free meetings.

We have an extensive and exclusive database of investors, global partnerships and industry relationships.

Step 3: Enjoy The Benefits

When everyone wants to go ahead, an agreement is created.  Once an investor is found it is a relatively quick process. The sale is completed, your equity proceeds in hand, you can begin making plans for the life you want to live.