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About Sell 'n STAY®

Sell ‘n STAY® (Manitoba Region) is now accredited to market the Sell ‘n STAY® program in Manitoba.

Sell ‘n STAY® is a simple, unique, program created to keep people in their homes, for as long as they choose. Up to now, there were only a few options; downsize, a reverse mortgage such as the Canadian CHIP reverse mortgage or using a line of credit (HELOC).

A line of credit is sometimes not an option if you have no way to finance the interest.

Sell ‘n STAY® program in Manitoba

Sell ‘n STAY® is not a franchise. Independent Realtors® will provide an honest assessment and plan for accomplishing the goal to sell client’s homes to an investor and arranging for the original homeowner to lease it back for a period of time.

Realtors® have only one goal in their relationship with clients; to help them come to the best decision for clients. As experienced professionals, they are able to assist with sound advice in order to create a lifestyle compatible with your equity’s bottom line.

As real estate professionals, we worry about reverse mortgage’s negative impact on present and future generations especially when interests rates start to increase. In 2013, Jean, a client wondered if it was possible to unlock the equity from her home thus allowing her the option to enjoy freedom of worrying about the future and ability to exit the housing market without moving. 

This would allow her to access to her equity and redeploy those funds into her core focus.


Now from Realtors® who are trained to protect your largest asset, we have developed a program which will change the landscape for homeowners forever.

This unique approach is simpler to understand and implement.

 It is a less expensive alternative than other options because the nest egg that people have been sitting on is fully utilized to generate enough revenue to truly retire on.

This option has existed in the commercial real estate industry for a long time. It is called a Sale and Leaseback. This is an option that allows large companies to cash in on the equity of their brick and mortar buildings and finance items on their balance sheet that makes more sense.

Now Sell ‘n STAY® applied that same concept to the residential market. Our company refers homeowners to specially accredited local real estate agents who work side-by-side with the homeowner in conjunction with their financial adviser. These Associate Sell ‘n STAY® members are independent Realtors® working their business within their own brokerage.